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Wanted Distributors for Masala Products

FMCG Food & Beverages Indian Spices Wanted Distributors Wanted Distributors for Masala Products
Himadri Masala Distributorship

Himadri Masala Distributorship

"Wanted Distributors for Masala Products with the starting investment of 1 Lakh for Mumbai & Delhi". The majority of Himadri's raw resources come from farmers. Using pesticide-free goods ensures excellent quality and ethical sourcing. Different spices, such as cumin from Gujarat, coriander from Madhya Pradesh, and chilli, turmeric, pepper, ginger, and cardamom from South India, are purchased from various regions of the country.

A commitment to producing spices of the highest quality is ensured through visual inspections, sample testing in our NABL lab after each stage, steam sterilisation, and other procedures like fumigation, vibratory shifting, and passing through magnets. To generate real tastes and engaging sensations, grinding whole spices and/or mixing powder forms to create distinct flavours requires significant care in the amount and process.

Himadri Foods Ltd. has two plants in Rabale and Mahape, both in Navi Mumbai, one for production and the other for packaging. Mumbai serves as the company's registered office. The plants are conveniently located to the port and the agricultural market (APMC). The facilities have an internal NABL-accredited laboratory for quality tests and cutting-edge machinery like steam sterilisation units to guarantee high quality. The company also owns a facility in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, the nation's centre for the production of chilies.

In Navi Mumbai, Himadri is now constructing a brand-new, cutting-edge facility that occupies an acre of space. Both a dry warehouse and a cold storage facility will be located in the factory. High quality standards will be upheld by the NABL approved lab. The cutting-edge steam sterilisation facility will guarantee the highest standards of sanitation and quality and extend the product's shelf life. The grinding equipment is cryogenic and can maintain features of materials like volatile oil and preserve authentic flavours. The cleaning and packing units are fully automated. 

The new facility is totally automated, meaning no human hands have ever touched the finished product. Our objective to provide a product of the highest quality and truest taste is accomplished by the cutting-edge equipment and efficient quality standards.

Himadri places a strong emphasis on R&D because it is a food production company that must adapt to constantly changing tastes, preferences, and mindsets. For quality and standards, our business has the ISO 22000, HACCP, and BRC certificates. Our own lab, which has earned NABL accreditation, complies with stringent chemical and biological quality standards. Additionally, each area in the business upholds strict quality control standards and promotes ongoing research into successful management and manufacturing techniques. All departments within the business are encouraged to innovate, from production techniques and packaging components to advertising strategies and office procedures. We invest a lot of time and effort into developing, experimenting with, and testing new tastes and blends for the market.

Himadri Products for Distributorship:

  • Himadri Basic Spices:
  • Himadri Chilli Powder
  • Himadri Turmeric Powder
  • Himadri Coriander Powder
  • Himadri Raipur Amchur Powder
  • Himadri Karnatak Dry Ginger Powder
  • Himadri Unjha Se Jeera Powder
  • Himadri Cochin Black Pepper Powder
  • Himadri Cochin White Pepper Powder
  • Himadri Blended Spices:
  • Himadri A1 Samosa Punjabi Garam Masala
  • Himadri All in one Garam Masala
  • Himadri Amritsari Chicken Masala
  • Himadri Ayub Ka Egg Masala
  • Himadri Bademiya Tanduri Chicken Masala
  • Himadri Chef's Special Kitchen Magic Masala
  • Himadri Chowpatty Pav Bhaji Masala
  • Himadri Dabeli masala
  • Himadri Dahiwada Masala
  • Himadri Dakshini Sambhar Masala
  • Himadri Dal Masala
  • Himadri Delhi Chatpata chaat masala
  • Himadri Dhanshak Masala
  • Himadri Hyderabadi Shahi Biryani Masala
  • Himadri Kadhi Masala
  • Himadri Khichdi Masala
  • Himadri Kolhapuri Subji Masala
  • Himadri Kolkatta Pani Puri Masala
  • Himadri Lahori Meat Masala
  • Himadri Madras Rasam Masala
  • Himadri Malvani Fish Masala
  • Himadri Marathi Usal Masala
  • Himadri Mathura Ka Jal Jira Masala
  • Himadri Punjab Da Chhole Masala
  • Himadri Rajashahi Garam Masala
  • Himadri Rajma Masala
  • Himadri Saurashtra Tea Masala
  • Himadri Taccos Masala
  • Himadri Tawa Fry Masala

Himadri Products for Distributorship

Himadri Products for Distributorship

Himadri Products for Distributorship

Himadri Products for Distributorship

Himadri Products for Distributorship

Himadri Products for Distributorship

How to Start A Successful Distributorship Business in India

Contact Himadri Brand for Distributorship, Super Stockist & Sub-distributorship:

Company Name: Himadri Foods Limited
GST: 27AAACH2002G1Z9
Address: A - 173/2, TTC Industrial Area, MIDC Koperkhairne, Navi Mumbai - 400705
Contact Person: Himadri Foods Limited

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