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How to Find Distributors in India?

Find Distributors How to find distributors in india?

How to Find Distributors in India?

How to find Distributors in India?

Key Requirements & Question:
  • Looking for Distributors for Your New/Old Business?
  • Are you a new startup in India?
  • Do You want to supply your products to all over India?
  • Do you know how to find new distributors for your brand?

It's not important how big your business is, it is important to appoint distributors all over India. and supply your products to every corner of India.

Strong distributors network can help your startup/business to grow fast and reach across India.

First, we have to understand whats the Advantages & Disadvantages of Distributor's Network in India.

Advantages of Distribution Network:

Cost: It will cost you very much if you deploy your salesman and open stores all over India, but selling through distributors will reduce your cost and improve profitability. 

Entry: The strong distribution network allows you to increase your entry to the most remote areas of the world, where you are unable to reach. It enhances the reach and revenue of your market.

Partners: It makes you sell your goods more quickly if you get trustworthy partners in the market. You need to build a Strong distributors chain that is faithful to you.

New Products Launch: You can launch and test your product quickly across a strong distribution network and bring the necessary changes to your product as per market demand.

Speed: A wide network of distributors increases the speed of product distribution to your rivals in the industry. Through a powerful distributor network, all FMCG companies such as Hindustan Unilever Limited, Coca Cola, P&G, Dabur, and Patanjali have spread so rapidly across the country.

Disadvantages of Distribution Network:

Payment Delay: If you give distributors, who postpone payment on the purchase of goods, a long credit period, then it will damage your company and raise the capital cost.

Risk on Margin: Because you have to take care of the retailer's margin, the seller, the wholesaler, and the customer's buying costs, you are always forced to reduce your own margin while increasing the cost of capital.

Want Distributors of FMCG Products?

So How to Find Distributors in India?

Tip #1: Sales Representative: Sales agents function at ground level by ' door to door' to promote the goods on the market.

Tip #2: Join the Industry Leaders & Business Portals: In every industry, there is an association & business portal, where many big and small business persons come at one place to work towards a common agenda. They will help you to Find Distributors in India.

For Example, An ideal platform for anybody who is looking forward to appointing or becoming Distributors. This is India's No. 1 Distributorship Business Portal. They offer services to Startups & Big Brands to build their strong distributors chain all over India.

If you are Interested you can list your brand here:

Tip #3: Vendors, dealers, wholesalers, producers, clients, exporters, importers, consumers, and suppliers of a specific industry come under one roof at trade shows, where you can get 'bulk order and broad production contracts.' Another way to expand the distribution network is to get a reference from established distributors who are aware of their position. Without much effort, it will help you to get a hold of the business. Take field visits to understand growing distributors and retailers have a strong demand for the product. You should ask the current distributors about which product has the greatest market share and make the distribution strategy relevant. In order to develop your strong network, try to build your website and social media platform, mention the process of becoming a distributor and benefits to them.

- India's No. 1 Distributorship Business Portal. An ideal Platform for anybody who is looking forward to appointing or becoming Distributors.


Find Distributorship Opportunities in Your State.

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