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Surfa Coats Paints Products Distributorship

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Surfa Coats Paints Distributorship

Surfa Coats Paints Products Distributorship

About Surfa Coats Paints: Since 1979, Surfa Coats India Private Limited has been a success storey in the realm of colours. We were the first manufacturing company in the Southern Indian States. The core approach of the company has been to be the best eco-friendly paint company right from its incorporation. Interior Paint, Enamel Paint, Decorative Paint, Wall Putty, Industrial Primer and Exterior Paint are the leading producers. It took bravery and determination over the years to stand firm and create a beautiful route as an eco-friendly painting business. Every day, in each product, this pioneering intensity is seen. In each colour, the unbeatable consistency, the intricate depth, and sophisticated flourish have made it a much-admired paint company. Constant creativity, cutting-edge analysis and vivid manufacturing methods ensure that today's consumers are genuinely benefited by and greatly pleased with the colour palette. With us, a chance to experience the special colour of the customer's preference is possible. A wide variety of painting applications have a special place of pride in some of the best architectural buildings. Every day, the expansive list of architects, satisfied clients and projects continue to grow. 

Surfa Coats Paints Products Distributorship:

  • Interior Paint
  •  Surfa Easy Wash - Premium Interior Emulsion Paint
  •  Surfa Galaxy Interior Paint
  •  Surfa Pearl Glow Emulsion Paint
  •  Surfa Plastic Emulsion Paint
  •  Flat Oil Interior Paint
  •  Acrylic Distemper Paint
  •  Surfa Emulsion Paint
  •  Surfa Acryl Decorative Coating
  •  One Coat Single Coat Premium Interior Emulsion
  •  Surfa Ceiling Paint
  •  Spectra Motion Paint - Dual Tone
  •  Surfa Anti- Corrosive Epoxy coating
  • Exterior Paint
  •  Surfa Tile Guard
  •  SurfACE - Budget Exterior Emulsion Paint
  •  Surfex Premium Pure Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Paint
  •  Surfacem Waterproof Cement Paint
  •  Surfex Rain Shield Silicon Enriched Pure Acrylic Ex Emulsion
  •  Surfatex Matt Paint
  •  Surfa Floor Coat Pu-Acrylic Based
  •  Surfex Acrylic Exterior Emulsion
  •  Surfa Damp Shield Waterproof Coating for Exterior Surfaces
  • Wall Primer
  •  Coral Interior Cement Primer
  •  Zinc Phosphate Grey Primer
  •  Surfa Sealer- Aear Primer
  •  Acrylic Cement Primer
  •  Surfalac Acrylic Interior Cement Primer
  •  Surfa Inex Primer ( Exterior & Interior)
  •  Surfa Universal White Primer
  •  Surfa Red Oxide Metal Primer
  •  Zinc Chromate Metal Primer
  •  Surfa Wood Primer
  •  Coral Cement Primer
  • Wall Paint
  •  Surfa Floor Coat Enamel Paint
  •  Surfa Matt Black Enamel Paint
  •  Surfa Emerald High Gloss Enamel Paint
  •  Surfa Coral Synthetic Enamel Paint
  •  Hammertone Finish Enamel Paint
  •  Surfa Satin Finish Paint
  •  Semi Gloss Enamel Paint
  • Allied Products
  •  Surfa Heat Shield Water Based Paint
  •  Surfa Crack Fill Powder
  •  Surfa Crack Filler (Paste)
  •  Unicoat Knifing Paste Filler
  •  Surefiller Expansion Filler
  •  Synthetic Clear Varnish
  • Wall Putty
  •  Acrylic Wall Putty
  •  Wall Cure Putty
  •  Walltek Primer Plaster Putty
  • Wood Coating
  •  Surfa Wood Shield - Interior
  •  Wood Rich - 2 Pack PU Coating - Exterior
  • Pu Wood Coating
  •  Wood Rich - 2 Pack PU Coating - Interior
  • Textured Paints
  •  Surfa Textured Finish Paint
  • Exterior Coats
  •  Ultra Shield - Base Coat & Top Coat - High Durability Coating For Exterior Walls
  • Liquid Waterproof Compound
  •  Surfa Proof LW Integral Liquid Waterproofing Compound
  • Wood Nc Sanding Sealer
  •  SURFA WOOD RICH - NC Sanding Sealer
  • Hi Tint Universal Stainer







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