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Sanitary Pads Distributorship

Sanitary Pad Sanitary Pads Sanitary Pads Distributorship Opportunities
Sanitary Pads Distributorship

Sanitary Pads Distributorship

About 7soft Ultra Sanitary Napkin Brand: M. D. Hygiene Private Limited Founded in 2016, "M. D. Hygiene Private Limited" is one of the leading names in Sanitary Napkins and Sanitary Pads manufacturing and wholesaling. The entire range is specifically designed and produced using the highest quality material and state-of-the-art technology; these are manufactured with high precision to meet the specified quality requirements and specifications. Because of its exceptional features such as low maintenance, precise design, cost-effective, perfect finish, durability, lightweight, and robustness, the products offered are widely recommended among our patrons. 

We have an ambitious infrastructural network extending over a large area of land. In order to execute the entire business operation in a successful and smooth manner, we have segregated our infrastructure facility into many units like sales & marketing, procurement, quality analysis, etc. The manufacturing unit of our vendor is well-installed with the contemporary machinery and state-of-the-art technology that helps us meet the customers' urgent and bulk orders within the promised time frame. 

Products for Distributorship:

  • Sanitary Napkins Distributorship 
  •  Sanitary Napkin
  •  280mm Maxi Dry Net Straight With Wings
  •  Sanitary Napkin 235 mm
  •  Maxi 7 Pad Sanitary Napkins
  •  Maxi Sanitary Napkin
  •  Cottony Sanitary Napkin
  •  Ultra Sanitary Napkin
  •  Pure Hygienic Sanitary Pads
  •  Non- Woven Cottony Loose Sanitary Napkins 235mm
  •  240mm Maxi Dry Net Sanitary Pad With Wings
  •  Maxi Cotton 235 Mm Aloe-Vera Regular Size Sanitary Napkin
  •  235 Mm Maxi Straight PPF Drynet Sanitary Napkins
  •  24 Care Brand Sanitary Napkin 235 Mm l Size Ultra Cottony Pad Soft
  •  7 Soft XXL Size 320 Mm Ultra Cottony Sanitary Pad
  •  Anion chip
  •  24Care Maxi Dry 280 mm (XL)
  •  24 Care Aloe Vera Maxi 235mm
  •  7 Soft Maxi Dry 240mm
  •  24 Care Antibacteral 280mm Ultra Cottony
  •  24Care Maxi Dry Heavy Flow 320 mm (XXL)
  •  24care Maxi Dry Heavy Flow 15 Pads
  •  Maxi Cottony Aloe-Vera 235mm
  •  24Care Anti Bacterial Ultra Thin Pads 280 mm
  •  24care 235mm Ultra Cottony Soft
  •  7 Soft Maxi Care 235mm
  •  24Care Ultra Cottony Soft 320 mm (XXL)
  •  24Care Ultra Cottony Soft 280 mm (XL)
  •  7Soft Ultra Care 40 Pads XXL
  •  24 Care Ultra Sanitary Napkins
  •  24 Care Ultra Cottony Soft Sanitary Napkins
  •  24 Care Dry Care Ultra Clean Sanitary Napkins
  •  24 Care Maxi Dry Sanitary Napkins
  • Sanitary Pads Distributorship 
  •  240mm Dry Net Sanitary Napkin
  •  320 mm Ultra Care Sanitary Pads
  •  Heavy Flow Maxi Dry Sanitary Pad
  •  Maxi Care Sanitary Pads
  •  Ultra Dry Clean 320mm Sanitary Napkins
  •  XXL Sanitary Pads
  •  24 Care Regular Maxi Dry Sanitary Napkin
  •  Cotton Ultra Thin Pad
  •  Ultra White Cottony 24care
  •  Always white sanitary pads
  •  Bis Mark Approved Maxi Cotton Sanitary Pad
  •  24Care Maxi Dry 280 mm (XL)
  •  24Care Maxi Dry 235mm Straight
  •  7soft Ultra Cottony Soft 320 mm (XXL)
  •  24Care Maxi Dry Regular 235 mm (L)
  •  XL 280 White Cellulose Pulp Sanitary Napkins
  •  Extra Sure Jumbo
  •  Extra Sure 40 10
  • Maxi Sanitary Napkins Distributorship 
  •  Maxi Care 280mm Sanitary Napkin
  •  24care Maxi Dry Net Heavy Flow Santary Napkins /20 Pad
  •  280mm Maxi Dry Net Sanitary Napkins
  •  7 Soft Maxi Dry Net 3 Fold Mega Offer 40 10 (Without Wings )
  •  7soft Maxi Dry Net Sanitary Pad
  •  L Size Sanitary Pad
  •  Loose Sanitary Napkins 235mm Maxi Non-woven
  •  Straight Loose Sanitary Napkin 240mm,280mm, 320mm Loose Pad
  •  Maxi Straight 235mm
  •  24 care maxi dry 280mm
  •  24Care Maxi Dry Regular 235 mm (L)
  •  24care Maxi Dry Net Sanitary Napkins
  • Ultra Thin Cottony Pad
  •  24care Pure Cottony Sanitary Napkins
  •  24Care Anti - Bacterial Sanitary Napkins
  •  Loose 280mm Ultra Care Sanitary Napkin
  •  Loose Market Ultra Thin Sanitary Pad
  •  320mm Ultra Thin Dry Net Sanitary Napkin
  •  7 Soft Ultra Cottony 320mm Pure Cottony Sanitary Pad
  •  24care Ultra Cottony Sanitary Pad
  •  24Care Ultra Cottony Soft 320 mm (XXL)
  •  Ultra Thin Cottony Sanitary Pad
  • maternity pad Distributorship 
  •  Loose Extra Large Cottony Maternity Pad With Wings
  •  7 Soft Cottony Pure Hygiene Maternity Pad With Wings
  •  24care Cottony Maternity Pad
  • Non Woven Wrapping Cover
  •  Maxi With Non Woven Wrapping Cover
  •  Ultra With Non Woven Wrapping Cover
  • Tri Fold Maxi Sanitary Pads
  •  280mm Whisper Maxi
  • Menstrual Pad Distributorship 
  •  Ultra Thin Pad For Women Whisper Pads
  • Sanitary Pad
  •  White Ultra Drynet Sanitary Pad
  •  24Care Ultra Cottony Soft 320 mm (XXL)
  •  Cottony Pads Distributorship 
  • ultra thin sanitary pads
  •  ultra thin white sanitary pads
  • Anti bacterial sanitary pads
  •  Anion /Anti Bacterial Ultra 280 mm Day & Night
  • Sanitary Napkin And Pads
  •  maxi white sanitary pads
  • Ladies Sanitary Napkin
  •  sanitary pad white 24care
  • Loose Item
  •  280 mm Maxi ST PPF Sanitary Napkin
  • Soft Cotton Sanitary Napkin
  •  Always white sanitary pads
  • Lady Anion Sanitary Pads
  •  240mm white dry sanitary pads
  • Lace Bra And Panties Set High Quality Imported
  •  Always Super White Ultra Thin
  • Sanitary Napkin
  •  24Care Ultra Cottony Soft 280 mm (XL)
  •  Ultra Cottony 235mm
  • Softy Sanitary Pad By Adml
  •  24Care Anti Bacterial Ultra Thin Pads 280 mm
  • Sanitary Napkin Large With Wings
  •  24care Ultra Cottony
  •  Cottony Sanitary Pads
  •  Maxi Drynet 24care Soft 280mm
  •  ADL XL Size Ultra Thin Sanitary Pad Napkin 280 Mm
  •  24 Care 240 mm Ultra Cottony Non Woven L Size Sanitary Pad
  •  Anion Chip Antibacterial
  •  Pulpy Ultra Cottony Soft 320 mm (XXL) Always
  •  7 Soft Ultra Cottony Soft 320 mm (XXL)


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