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Kay Pee Foods Distributorship ( Toffee )

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Kay Pee Foods Distributorship

Kay Pee Foods Distributorship

About Kay Pee Foods: Kwality Food Products was founded in 1962 and the company has been on the road to success ever since. Mr. Sunil Rohra, the company's CEO has made the company grow tremendously and reach new heights in its business. The business is headquartered in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, from where it aims to satisfy customers fully. We have applied for a quality certification which will add further to the firm's credibility. 

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is well equipped with the latest machinery in technology. Possession of fully automatic plant machinery has made us increase our production capacity and satisfy customer requirements as per their specifications.

Kay Pee Foods Products for Distributorship:

Deposited Candy:
  • Averyday Milk Candy
  • Coffee Candy
  • Milk Day Candy
  • Milk Elaichi Candy
  • Lactoday Candy
  • Frooti Candy
  • Imly Candy
  • Butter Caramel Candy

Double Layer Deposited Candy:
  • Double Koffee Candy
  • Kesar Kulfi Candy
  • Pista Kulfi Candy
  • Mango Kulfi Candy
  • Coco Nariyal Malai Candy
  • OGEO Candy
  • Milky Heart Candy
  • Coffee Beatz Candy

Masala Filled Candy:
  • Chily Imlee Candy
  • Mast Guava Candy
  • Chatpat Candy

Center Filled Candy:
  • Mango Tango
  • Cream Ball Candy
  • Coconut Ball Candy
  • Crazy Cola Candy
  • Fruitzon Candy

Bunchwrap Loliipop:
  • Magic Pop
  • Litchi Lollypop
  • Cola Lollypop
  • Imlipop Lollypop
  • Coconut Lollypop
  • Imlyee Lollipop
  • Caramel Pop Lollypop
  • Lactopop Lollypop
  • Buttery Lollypop
  • Candy Pop Fruit Lollypop

Deposited Lollipop:
  • Butter Lactopop Lollypop
  • Rose Lollypop
  • Kacchi Kairi Lollypop
  • Imly Pop Lollipop
  • Mango Lollypop

Modified Toffee:
  • Happy Birthday Toffee
  • Kesar Peda Toffee
  • Nariyal Peda Toffee
  • Coconut Barfi Toffee
  • Banana Chew Toffee
  • Strawberry Chew Toffee
  • Orange Chew Toffee

Jelly Toffee:
  • Khatta Santra Juicy Center Toffee
  • Elaichi Jelly Toffee
  • Milk Jelly Toffee
  • Mango Jam Toffee

Center Filled Bar Toffee:
  • Mango Frutoo Toffee
  • Ice Cream Jelly Toffee
  • Aam Papad Toffee

Deposited Butter Toffee:
  • Butter Toffee
  • Kaju Butter Toffee
  • Kesar Pista Toffee
  • Coconut Butter Toffee
  • Badam Butter Toffee
  • Rose Cream Butter Toffee

Center Filled Eclair:
  • Milk Eclair
  • Choco Milk Eclair
  • Eclairs Toffee
  • Elaichi Cream Filled Toffee
  • Dark Forest Toffee
  • Eclairs Crunch Candy

Imli Cup
Choco Cup
Mango Tango Candy
Lychi Twin Candy

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