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Mother Dairy Products Distributorship Requirements & Company Info.

Mother Dairy Products Distributorship

Mother Dairy Products Distributorship

About Mother Dairy Company:
"Mother Dairy" is the single largest brand of milk in India as well as in Asia, marketing about 4.45 million liters of milk per day as per 2013. Mother Dairy commands 62% market share in the organized sector in and around Delhi, primarily because of consistent quality and service - whatever be the crisis floods, transport, strike, curfew etc. Mother Dairy, patparganj delhi is presently manufacturing & selling around 8.5 lakh liters of toned milk through bulk vending shops.

Mother Dairy was the first Dairy in the country to implement iso-14031 ( Environment Performance Evaluation ) project. The Company's quality assurance laboratory is ISO/IEC - 17025:1999 certified by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory), Department of Science & Technology, India. This provides assurance to consumer in respect of quality and safety of products manufactured and marketed by Mother Dairy.

The Process Flow of The Mother Dairy:

The Process Flow of The Mother Dairy

Raw Milk Reception:
Raw milk received through insulated road/rail tankers at a very low temperature thus retaining the freshness of milk. The milk goes for more than 15 stringent quality test before it is accepted for the processing of milk.

Milk achieved from individual producers is checked for all basic quality parameters meeting the company specification and required norms at respective collection and chilling centers.
Milk is then supplied to the dairy units through insulated milk tankers < 4 degree C.

Processing of Milk:
Processing of milk is done in basically 4 steps.
  • Clarification
  • Standardization
  • Homogenization
  • Pasteurization

About Mother Dairy Production Department:
Production Department is most important part in any organization, firm, company or co-operative sectors. Production can be made for the middle users or for the end users (direct consumers). Production do the main work of converting raw material into semi-finished or finished goods, it depends on what kind of production the organization is doing.

In the context of Mother Dairy, people have endless demand for milk and milk products. Mother Dairy undertakes the procurement of milk and its production likewise satisfying the needs and demand of people. It estimates the demand and accordingly production is done for which arrangement of Raw material, finance and provision for selling is made by Mother Dairy.

Mother Dairy Products for Distributorship:

  • Milk:
  • Bulk Vended Milk  
  • Poly Packed Milk  
  • Ultra Heat Treatment Milk  
  • Milk Powder 
  • Dairy Products:
  • Dahi  
  • Mishti Doi  
  • Lassi  
  • Chach  
  • Probiotic Drink  
  • Flavoured Milk  
  • Paneer  
  • Butter  
  • Cheese  
  • Ghee  
  • Fruit Yoghurt  
  • Cream  
  • Milk Shake  
  • Aam Doi  
  • Ice Creams:
  • Fruit Classics
  • Indian Classics
  • Western Classics
  • Bricks and Super Saver Packs
  • Bars
  • Cones
  • Ice Candies
  • Kulfis
  • Cassatta
  • Cups
  • Sugar Free
  • Fruito Lics
  • IceCream Cake
  • Novelties

Dispatch and Logistics in Mother Dairy:
All activities carried out under the supervision and order General Manager of Marketing Head. Order of milk and milk products are dispatched as per the order of customers and retailer and all records of dispatch are kept in dispatch register and computer. There are trucks, tempos, insulated vans, three wheeler tempos are used to deliver the milk and the milk products in all distributors.

Mother Dairy Franchise Requirements:
  • The first prerequisite to be met in order to get a Mother Dairy dealership is outlet room or field. An person needs a surface area of 5,000 square feet or more to qualify for a Mother Dairy dealer.
  • At the very least, operating a Mother Dairy outlet needs one Member. The individual must be educated on how to operate the machinery and how to communicate with the customers as well.
  • To become the owner of a Mother Dairy franchise an investment of 5 to 10 lakh rupees is needed.
  • The question arises as to "How to apply for a franchise on Mother Dairy". The method is an extremely easy one. You only have to visit the company's official website and fill in an application form requesting a Mother Dairy dealership. In the application form an individual will have to fill in personal and official information.

Mother Dairy Distributorship Margin:
When one is wondering whether or not to invest in Mother Dairy, it has to be said that the margin of distributorship for Mother Dairy is very high. Within the very first year of operations, a 30 per cent return on investment can be expected and it will take a franchisee about 2 years to reach the break-even stage. An person who wants to invest in a Mother Dairy franchise can earn a profit of around 44,000 rupees a month.

How to contact Mother Dairy?  Visit the directly official website at and ask for information. & please avoid such fake website in the market which looks same as companies website. Need help in consultancy for how to take top brand distributorship to contact us below.

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