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Pee Safe Products Distributorship

Personal Care Personal Hygiene Sanitizer
Pee Safe Products Distributorship

Pee Safe Products Distributorship

Pee Safe: India's leading personal hygiene brand that helps India tackle health problems caused by unhygienic washroom conditions. With PeeSafe, people feel more comfortable using public washrooms because it gives them an experience of germ-free and insta-hygiene. PeeSafe's idea was conceived when during a road trip in 2013 Srijana, w/o Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe suffered from a UTI. After this personal experience, the couple came upon the idea of a sanitization spray, which was then created and used within their social groups, family and friends.Understanding the the sensitivity of this problem faced by majority of the Indian population on a da.

Pee Safe Products:

  • Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray
  • Period Pain Roll On
  • Tampons
  • Panty Liners
  • Intimate Care
  • Sweat Pads
  • Breast Pads
  • Personal Hygiene Kit
  • Maternity Pads

  • Body Spray
  • Patches
  • Roll On

  • Spray
  • Foam

  • Anti-Pollution Face Mist

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